Torque Multipliers

Torque Multipliers

July 20, 2018 0

Selson Acutorque® torque multipliers offer an easy way to tighten or loosen nuts, bolts or screws with greater accuracy and less effort. They are used very effectively in a wide variety of industries including mining, petroleum, shipbuilding, railways, aircraft, electricity, steel and many others.




High torque, low effort
Selson torque multipliers are manually operated tools which achieve very high torque outputs without the need for back-breaking exertion. The planetary gearing multiplies the input from a 4:1 torque ratio up to 40:1 to the output shaft, depending on the model used.

User friendly compact design
The input shaft can be operated in a clockwise or ant-clockwise direction without any special attachments. Being a compact design, this allows easy use even in confined spaces. Operation by one person is all that is required, except in very abnormal circumstances.

Versatile Range
With torque multiplier outputs from 1750 Nm (1290 Ft. lbs) to 6000 Nm (4400 Ft. lbs) there is a Selson torque multiplier to suit most applications.

Safe to use
A return safety device (RSD) which maintains the torque level applied, stops any sudden release or backlash effect. A replaceable shear pin in the hexagon input drive protects from an overload situation.

Built to last
Selson torque multipliers are made from high quality steel and are supplied in a sturdy steel case for easy portability.


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