Passenger Air Jacks

2.5 Tonne Air Jack

Selson passenger air jacks are a unique design that uses compressed air to raise and lower motor vehicles quickly and easily. Their safety, reliability and speed make Selson air jacks the ideal choice for underbody servicing, wheel alignment, tyre replacement services and body repair work.

Designed for Stability

Inside the Selson air jack there is a unique internal telescopic stabilising column. This column provides stability to the jack during elevation but still allows some lateral movement, which enables the head cap of the jack to follow the arc of the vehicle being elevated. This feature combined with a wide base gives maximum stability on hard or soft surfaces.

24 Months Warranty

The Selson Air Jacks range also carries our standard 24 months warranty against faulty workman-ship and materials

Suitable for Various Applications

A variety of options to suit many applications with either handheld or roll-around.

Built to last 

A Selson air jack with its long and trouble-free service life is an investment in speed, safety and economy that can reduce your jack replacement and repair costs.

Fast and Friendly

Two push button valves make Selson air jacks quick and easy to operate. Press green to raise and press red to lower

2 Bellow Air Jacks


The HBNXLO Selson Air Jack is a handheld model ideal for body repair workshops and on-road service vehicles. They have a maximum height of 335mm.


The HXLO Selson Air Jack is a roll around model which is suitable for body repair workshops. The 2 bellow models have a max height of 335mm.

3 Bellow Air Jacks


The HBN3 is a handheld held air jack, with a higher maximum height of 465mm compared to the HBNXLO maximum height of 335 mm.


The H3 Selson Air jack features 3 bellows, with a higher maximum height of 465mm which is 130mm taller than the HXLO model

Air Jack Comparison Chart

Air jack Size Comparison Chart,

Looking for something…. heavier?

The Selson Heavy duty range is built for heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses.


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