Repairs and Servicing

Our Selson air jacks are designed to be a fully serviceable unit,  we pride ourselves on producing a jack that our customers can rely on day-in day-out. Our commitment is to make all the parts available so that the Selson air jack is the jack that you can rely on to last.

We are able to offer an annual maintenance available to all customers, therefore your jacks can be serviced and inspected to ensure the longevity of our product, and to lower the life cycle cost.

For our customers with large volumes, there are service plans available. This means that we are able to have an ongoing service available to you, with a rotation of repaired jacks to keep your company on track.

Our air jacks are an engineered product designed to have a long service life. This means that the Selson air jack provides customers with an robust option that has overall durability and the cheapest life-cycle cost.

For further information, please contact your local Selson agent via the contacts page or Selson directly at:

Unit 5 Arcot Court




NE23 1BB

+44 1670 712 112