A Unique Design That uses Compressed Air

The ideal choice for underbody servicing, wheel alignment, tyre replacement service and body repair work.

A Unique Design

Selson uses compressed air to raise and lower motor vehicles quickly and easily


Safety, reliability and speed make Selson the ideal choice for a variety of repair work

Design and Manufacture

Selson is recommended for its reliability, durability and overall quality of design and manufacture

Don’t risk a ‘Cheap copy’

Selson Air jacks were the first of their kind and have been established for over 40 years!

Precision Manufacturing

Our Air Jacks are proudly crafted in the picturesque Northumberland region of the North East of England. We take great pride in the abundant local craftsmanship and materials that go into our Air Jacks, reflecting our commitment to long-lasting quality. At Selson, we believe that your investment should stand the test of time.

Selson Jacks are meticulously designed with a focus on full serviceability, ensuring they can be maintained and repaired for years to come. We are dedicated to establishing a network of local repair centres in partnership with our distributors and agents, making it convenient for you to keep your Air Jacks in peak condition, no matter where you are.

Explore the sections below for a deeper five into our rich history, our present identity, our future vision, real-life case studies, and a detailed product information. Discover how Selson is shaping the future of Air Jacks and the industries we serve

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Warranty information

Every Selson jack bears its unique serial number, and we back it with a generous two-year warranty from the date of purchase, safeguarding against any product defects. Since Selson products are commonly distributed through our trusted network, we’ve simplified the warranty process for you. Our Warranty Registration Form allows us to align the warranty start date with your purchase date as the end-user, ensuring you receive full coverage directly from us, rather than relying on distributors or agents.

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    14 September 2023

    The Selson Arc

    When it comes to servicing a vehicle, the importance of having a reliable and efficient…

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