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Selson air jacks are a unique design that uses compressed air to raise and lower motor vehicles quickly and easily.

A unique design

The Selson air jacks use compressed air to raise and lower motor vehicles quickly and easily.


Their safety, reliability and speed make Selson air jacks the ideal choice for underbody servicing, wheel alignment, tyre replacement services and body repair work.

Design & manufacture

Selson is renowned for its reliability, durability and overall quality of design and manufacture.

Don’t risk a

‘cheap copy’ Selson Air Jacks were the first of their kind and have been an established brand for over 30 years.

Selson Air Jacks, British Built

Selson air jacks were first designed by Matthew Seltz, a German immigrant residing in Melbourne, Australia in 1959. Due to expansion of the business we now manufacture our Passenger Vehicle jacks in Newcastle, UK and there is a site in Sydney, Australia that manufacturers the Heavy Duty range and remains a service and sales outlet for the southern hemisphere.


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Some of Our Distributors

The Selson Air Jack is a proven product all over the globe, where several distributors have been established to sell the product.

Latest News

Keep up with the latest news within the wide variety of industries that Selson caters for.

Selson on Social Media

Selson is active on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube. Follow one (or all) of our accounts for all the up-to-date news, product images, videos and demonstrations. Selson | YouTube Selson[…]

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Seeking Distributors

Selson Air Jacks are looking for distributors. If you are interested in selling our products we offer complete training and support.

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Jake Young

Want to know who is working on your world class leading air jacks? Well here he is!

Introducing, Jake Young, with 15 years experience, he started out as the helping hand at trade shows, even though all he wanted was the free ice cream.

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