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Selson air jacks are a unique design that uses compressed air to raise and lower motor vehicles quickly and easily. Their safety, reliability and speed make Selson air jacks the ideal choice for underbody servicing, wheel alignment, tyre replacement services and body repair work.

Selson Acutorque® torque multipliers offer an easy way to tighten or loosen nuts, bolts or screws with greater accuracy and less effort. They are used very effectively in a wide variety of industries including mining, petroleum, shipbuilding, railways, aircraft, electricity, steel and many others.

Selson is renowned for its reliability, durability and overall quality of design and manufacture.

Selson Air Jacks are manufactured in the UK, in the North East of England, near Newcastle Upon-Tyne. Selson is an active member of the Made in Britain organisation, you may view/download a copy of our certificate here.

Our History

Selson Air Jacks were created in 1959. The original design was invented by Matthew Seltz, a German immigrant residing in Melbourne, Australia. Matthew Seltz designed the lift jack and promptly sold it to his network of family and friends who resided around the world. The Selson Jack although popular for many years, lacked the investment required to develop and take the product to a professional international platform.

When Matthew Seltz & his partners decided it was time for retirement the business along with all the intellectual property was purchased by Clyde Industries in 1988. Clyde Industries, a large Australian diversified engineering group, positioned the Selson business into the Clyde-Apac manufacturing operations.

Clyde-Apac were already an established name in the automotive segment with the then largely popular 240/241 & 245 hydraulic jacks, trolley jacks and other automotive accessories. This created the level of manufacturing investment Selson required to take what was a very good cottage industry manufacturing idea into a volume reproducible quality product range.

In the mid-2000’s the Selson manufacturing site in Newcastle, UK was developed and by early 2010’s this site had taken on the role of manufacturing Selson Air Jacks for the wider European, North American and Asian market, including the export of Air Jacks to Australia.

Today Selson Air Jacks remain as reliable and popular as they have in the past, combining the precision manufacturing that German initiative can provide with excellent Automotive standard quality and process control. The Selson Air Jack is a proven product in Australia, the United States and Europe, where several distributors have been established to sell the product. Selson is approved for use with NATO, and after extensive testing is now regularly used by the US Armed Forces.

Why Choose Us

Reasons For Choosing Us

A Unique design

By using compressed air, Selson Air Jacks Raise and Lower motor vehicles quickly and easily

2 year Warranty

A comprehensive 2 year warranty on all Selson Air Jacks

Quality Material

Extensive product testing ensures every air jack is built to last

Our Worldwide Distributors

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